Red Hat Enterprise Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management

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RH401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management to czterodniowy kurs, rozwijający umiejętności niezbędne przy wdrażaniu i zarządzaniu dużej ilości serwerów pracujących pod kontrolą Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


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  1. Enterprise System Management Concepts
    • System management tasks
    • Standardization, centralization, and scalability
    • Provisioning and automation
    • Red Hat tools for system management
  2. Provisioning using DHCP and PXE
    • Bare metal provisioning
    • Provisioning technologies: DHCP, TFTP, and PXE
    • Network installations
    • DHCP server configuration
  3. Installing a Red Hat Network Satellite Server
    • Features and advantages of the RHN Satellite Server
    • Types of RHN Satellite Servers
    • RHN Satellite Server hardware requirements
    • Understanding software channels
    • Installing an RHN Satellite Server
    • Populating an RHN Satellite Server with software channel content
    • Troubleshooting an RHN Satellite Server installation
  4. Building RPMs
    • Building open source software
    • Using RPM macros
    • Writing custom spec files
    • Using rpmbuild to create and sign RPMs
    • Guidelines for custom RPMs
  5. Using CVS to Manage Configuration Files
    • Basics of CVS for system administrators
    • Creating local and remote repository access
    • Structuring a CVS project
    • Using CVS to track, log, and reverse configuration changes
  6. Managing the Red Hat Network Satellite Server
    • Configuring clients to use a RHN Satellite Server
    • Using activation keys to script installations
    • Creating and managing custom software channels
  7. Red Hat Network Management and Provisioning
    • Types of RHN service
    • Elements of a deployment system
    • Using custom software channels in a deployment system
    • Using configuration channels to maintain system configuration
    • Automating installations through kickstart
  8. Red Hat Network Proxy Server
    • Hosted RHN versus Proxy Server
    • Proxy Server software and hardware requirements
    • Installing RHN Proxy Server
    • Configuring clients to use a RHN Proxy Server
  9. Saving Kernel Crash Dumps
    • Saving crash signatures over the network
    • Saving crash dumps over the network
    • Configuring netdump servers
    • Configuring netdump clients
    • Saving crash dumps locally using kexec and kdump
  10. Red Hat Virtualization Overview
    • Virtualization concepts and terminology
    • Hardware considerations
  11. Virtual Machine Management
    • Identifying virtual machines
    • Virtualization management tools: xm, xentop, virsh
    • Creating and monitoring virtual machines
    • Resource management
    • Accessing consoles
  12. Installing and Configuring Virtual Machines
    • Installing virtual machines
    • Configuring virtual machine resources (CPU, memory, storage, network devices)
  13. Hypervisor Details
    • Understanding the hypervisor
    • vnc console access
    • xendomains
  14. Virtualization: Advanced Techniques
    • Snapshot storage
    • Creating virtual private networks
    • Masquerading virtual machines
    • Physical and logical network separation

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